Stroll For a Goal

Monday, October 13, 2014

Last Friday was our 3rd Annual PTO sponsored fundraiser known as "Stroll for a Goal."  This year, students raised over 24,500 dollars which shattered our previous record from last year at the 21,900 dollar mark.  The weather was fabulous and so was our effort as students walked 3 miles in the neighborhoods surrounding Sibley School.  Thank you PTO, our school and larger community, and all of those who pledged to our cause.  Your support will continue to help supplement some of the great activities that our students experience from Fun Night to additional educational field trips to hosting Prairie Fire Theater.  Sibley PTO is currently looking to put forth a significant dollar amount to help with improving the playground and adjacent hard surface areas for students.  This is a project that will probably not occur this fall as bids and needs are currently being addressed.