Classroom Door Decorating Contest!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

To help get students excited about the Book Fair, students and teachers decorated their classroom doors in a monster theme.

For the classroom who gets first place, each child in the class receives a free book of their choice from the book fair.

The classroom who gets second place recieves $50 to buy books from the book fair for their classroom.

The classroom who gets third place receives $25 to purchase books from the book fair for their classroom.

All the classrooms did a terrific job!!  Can you guess who the winners might be??

TIED for first place is: Mr. Olson's and Miss Grundstrom's classroom

Second place winner is Mrs. Faber's class.

Third place is Mrs. Youlden's class.

Congratulations to these classrooms and all the classrooms who participated.  Everyone did a fantastic job!

Make sure you check out the Book Fair going on during conferences at Sibley.