Katie Nielsen

Katie Nielsen
Social Worker | Hawthorne

Katie Nielsen has been a part of District 241 since 2001. She Graduated with a B.A. from Luther College. Previously, she worked as a social worker in Dodge County Child Protection.

Katie is a member of MSSWA, the ASD Task Force, Special Education Advisory committee, TOY committee, and is an Equity Leader and Science Fair Coordinator.

She was also a nominee for Teacher of the Year.

I have been married for 11 years to Luke Nielsen.  We farm about 2000 acres and live on a hog farm outside of Albert Lea.  We have two children, Alex and Lindsey. I currently am expecting out third child in February, which we are very excited about!  I have been a school social worker at Hawthorne Elementary for going on 12 great years.  I have seen hundreds of students go through Hawthorne and have built many lasting relationships with students and parents.  My role as the school social worker is to not only work with all the students in the building with mental health needs, problems at home, and learning disabilities but to help their parents as well.  I am a support for Hawthorne parents when they need a shoulder to learn on or need a referral for services in the community.