1. This is the suggested high school timeline for what students should be doing and when. 
2. DI and DII have different categories and you need to complete the required number of approved courses in each of the categories to be eligible.  (You can look up the approved courses ALHS offers by going to ncaa.org/courselist and searching for Albert Lea High School.)  The categories depend on the level.  The DI and DII eligibility fact sheets that has more of that info is attached.
3. GPA/ACT Sliding Scale: Your ACT score and GPA will be averaged out to meet a certain requirement.  The ACT sum score includes Reading, Math, English, and Science scores.  You can calculate your GPA using the NCAA Credits Worksheet.
4. When students sign up for the ACT (junior year), they will want to send their scores to NCAA-similar to how they would send them to colleges.